Reasons You Never Heard Back from the Recruiter

You've spotted a brilliant-looking job online. Great location, great salary, interesting role. All aflutter, you upload your resume, hit send, and sit back, dreaming of getting a call to interview. A week goes by. Two weeks. A month. You never hear back. Unfortunately, this is all too common for job seekers. Here are some reasons why you never heard back.

  1. Ugly Resume: Your resume is a marketing document to sell yourself. A clear, concise and well formatted resume helps. If you struggle writing it, it's worth paying a professional resume writer.
  2. Skills to pay the bills: You know you can do the job with two hands tied behind your back. I don't, unless you tell me. Make no assumptions. Make sure to mention what technologies you use too.
  3. Attention to detail: Almost every candidate puts 'attention to detail' in their Resume. Yet those same resumes contain spelling and grammar mistakes. Mistakes on resumes is often listed as the number 1 reason hiring managers reject an application.
  4. (Ir)relevant: Job seeker who desire a new role, must demonstrate transferable experience. Is your experience relevant to the job you want? Most hiring managers will give up after 30 seconds if they see nothing relevant.
  5. That's not what my sources tell me: People have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. You will be researched. Any discrepancies between your online presence and resume will ring major alarm bells.