Help us place you, your friends, relatives or fellow Houstonians and make some extra money doing it.

For the past eighteen years, Marcus Personnel, Inc. has specialized in placing well-qualified applicants like you in direct, contract and/or temporary positions with our client companies. Maybe you have landed a dream job or are still looking for a an opportunity since you registered with us in the past. We would like stay in contact with you.

At no other time since we started in business have we had more qualified, capable and willing candidates. We see this as an opportunity for clients to hire from this fabulous work force. We need your help.

At your job, in your job search, at your place of worship, school, shopping or any place you network, think of us. If you introduce to us, a new firm , company or business which becomes a client, and we place an applicant there, we will give you a generous, predetermined referral fee.

This new business referral must be a warm referral where you can introduce us to the hiring authority. Any resulting placement must be made within six months of your referral date. The referral fee will be paid after the guarantee period of placement. We feel that we are all in this new economy together and the best way to deal with it is to work out new creative and innovative ways to do business and think outside of the box.

Please think of us by providing leads. If they don’t work for you, they can help someone else.

  • Please contact me by email or phone with your ideas!
  • Barbara Marcus, CEO

Marcus Personnel, Inc.
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