6 Things that don't belong on your resume

CHICAGO, IL -- 1) Objective: Obviously your objective is to get hired for the position you're applying for. A short personal summary of some of your top achievements and experiences will give the employer better insight into what you can offer them, rather than what you're after. 2) Personal information: Including personal information such as your age, race or number of children is irrelevant and inappropriate. Since this information doesn't directly affect your work performance or availability, there's no need to include it.

3) Salary: Listing your salary history or demand on your resume may cause it to be passed over. Unless you are required by an employer to include this information, leave it out. You could also potentially close the door on the opportunity to negotiate a higher salary. 4) References: Listing your references or putting "references available upon request" on your resume is a waste of space. An employer will ask for your references if they're interested in offering you a job.

5) Links to your personal blog or social profiles: Only provide links to your professional profiles, like LinkedIn. If you do choose to share your personal profiles, make sure that you come across as professionally as possible. 6) Untruths: Steer as close to the truth as possible when giving your resume a bit of a boost. Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than being caught out in a lie mid-interview?