How to banish (almost) all of your pre-interview jitters

BOSTON, MA -- To make sure you don't walk into your next big interview a sweaty and nervous mess, here are a few strategies to try out. Meditate and Breathe: Just a couple minutes of relaxation a day can make your mind sharper, your senses more alert, and your entire body more relaxed. Exercise: Get a little endorphin rush and exercise. Wake up early and hit the gym, take a yoga class, or do a run around the neighborhood to clear your head before the interview.

Visualize Success: Visualize yourself charming your interviewer, nailing all the questions, and being offered the job before you even walk out of the door. Your brain favors proving itself right, so go ahead and be generous with yourself. Do a Power Pose: Positioning your body in stances of power impacts the way you behave. Do a "power pose" for two minutes prior to your interview. You'll magically be more calm and charismatic.

Smile Like You Mean It: Smiling tricks your brain - the physical act, even if it's forced, will prompt you to actually feel happier. It's a neat little pick-me-up from your brain for when you're feeling a bit down. Practice: This is all great advice for getting the most out of your brain and body, but in the end nothing will trump practice. The more practice you can get answering interview questions aloud, the more confident you'll be when the real thing happens.